for you and your family!

Adult life done right.™

VIVA! Choices is your

personal guide

When you join VIVA! Choices you will

meet with your own VIVA! Choices

Lifestyle Consultant to discuss where

you are today. Your Consultant will

offer objective recommendations

to customize your VIVA! Choices

membership and guide you to the

resources you need to create the

lifestyle you want

For yourself- With VIVA! Choices

you’ll have more time and more peace

of mind. A wide array of at-home help

and outside services are just a phone

call away.

For your parents- We all want

an outstanding quality of life for our

parents – but they may need more help

on a daily or weekly basis than we can

give them. VIVA! Choices will be there

when you can’t be.

What are you waiting for?

VIVA! Choices is your guide to…

Home & Personal Services including

transportation, housekeeping, concierge


Resources & Referrals to professionals

specializing in Medicare, MediCal, finance, law…

The MarketPlace of local retail, service providers,

restaurants, entertainment & more offering special

offers or discounts to VIVA! Choices members…

The Community to meet others and enjoy travel,

education, social events & community…

VIVA! Choices is currently available in the Yuba/

Sutter area of California.

With VIVA! Choices life just

gets easier!

Service hours are purchased with your VIVA!

Choices Services Card which is used just

a debit or phone card. When you want a

home or personal services just call the VIVA!

Choices office to schedule it. Your card will

not be debited until the service is performed.

Service hours may be purchased by phone

or right here on the VIVA! Choices


To schedule services or purchase

hours call (530) 671-0447

VIVA! Choices is your personal

guide to more freedom!

The VIVA! Choices main office schedules and

coordinates all of the Home & Personal services

you need when you need them. Our service

providers have been bonded, insured and drugtrusted
to insure your complete satisfaction.

Local Transportation to and from

medical appointments, shopping, social visits,

church & more.

Home Help for house cleaning, yard work,

errands, handy man, maintenance, laundry &


Personal Services such as bathing, phone

check-ins, social visits, medication set-up & more.

Food Service from area restaurants or

caterers direct to your door

Concierge Services for services such as

plumbers, electricians, hi tech, fitness experts, pet

grooming and others. If you need it, we’ll find it for


VIVA! Choices is your personal

guide to more fun!

The VIVA! Choices MarketPlace is

comprised of local merchants and service

providers who value your business and

have been reviewed and rated by VIVA!

Choices. Your VIVA! Choices membership

card entitles you to special offers

and discounts. Some of the many

MarketPlace members include

restaurants, theaters, travel agents,

chiropractors, fitness consultants, real

estate agents and more!

With VIVA! Choices

life just gets easier!

Want a great place for dinner, planning a trip,

want to buy or sell your home? The VIVA!

Choices MarketPlace is filled with people who

want to help.

Click here for a full list of our current

MarketPlace members or call our office for a

printed list at (530) 671-0447

VIVA! Choices is your personal
guide to a central source of

No more searching through the yellow pages

or running from one government agency to

another. VIVA! Choices is a central point of

information and contact for your questions –

whether it is figuring out the latest MediCare

or MediCal requirements or finding the best

legal, medical or financial advisors.

We have investigated and compiled an

extensive databank of information on

professional resources and referrals to help

answer your questions and get you started in

the best direction.

With VIVA! Choices

life just gets easier!

Don’t know what to ask or where to go? Call

VIVA! Choices and we’ll help you find what

you’re looking for. We’ll provide a list of contacts

for your consideration at no charge. You will make

your own appointment and pay any fees directly

to the provider.

Find the answers to your

questions and call

(530) 671-0447

With VIVA! Choices having fun

has never been so easy!

Sign up for a class, take a trip, attend a

workshop, start a new career! VIVA! Choices

Community publicizes a wealth of

community resources and activities

to add more excitement, fun and

adventure to your life.

VIVA! Choices helps your

group get noticed!

If your club or organization wants to be listed on

our Community Calendar, contact us.

Give yourself the gift of freedom

and peace of mind!

Just $29.95/month plus a one-time, sign-up

fee of $129. That’s just under $1 a day to have

access to an outstanding professional support

base, resources and activities. Spouse and

family memberships are also available for a

small additional fee.

VIVA! Choices Home & Personal Services are

ordered, scheduled and coordinated through

our main office. Services are prepaid billed at

just like a phone card. When you use a service,

the payment will be automatically deducted

from your account. New service time may be

purchased at any time through our home office

or right here on-line.

VIVA! Choices Concierge Services, Resources

and Referrals set their own fees and will bill you


Yes, I’m ready to create the lifestyle I want with

VIVA! Choices. I’m ready to join the [r]evolution.

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Call the VIVA! Choices office at

(530) 671-0447

This is the phone number that will let you

speak to customer service, sales, and

support. General inquirires should also be

directed to this phone number

Or email VIVA! Choices at

Yes, I’m ready to create the lifestyle I want with

VIVA! Choices. I’m ready to join the [r]evolution.

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